Milwaukee 6390-21 7-1/4-Inch 15-Amp Tilt-Lok Circular Saw

If you are shopping for a circular saw that can replace your current one or are searching for the perfect circular power saw which can enable you to produce some of the finest wood works, you’ll find that the Milwaukee 6390-21 circular saw, fits virtually all of your wood work needs. It does not matter whether you are making a kitchen cabinet, medicine cabinet, book case, coffee tables or dormers. The Milwaukee 6390-21 will assist you every step of the way.

Over the years, the Milwaukee 6390-21 has become the number one tool for thousands of professional carpenters across the country for simple reasons. The saw is driven by a 15 AMP motor which enables to generate speeds of up to 5,800 RPM within seconds. This is an equivalent of a 3.25 horsepower machine, meaning that you can cut through any type of dense wood. In spite of the enormous power, the Milwaukee 6390-21 still manages to offer you even slices and ease of use. The ergonomic design makes this circular saw extremely easy to use on any kind of wood project without causing you fatigue in the process as is the case with other products in the market.

Product Specifications

Illustrated below are some of the features which makes this product one of the best in the market:

  • Tilt lock: This feature has been included so as to offer you maximum comfort as well as control whilst using the Milwaukee 6390-21 for a variety of applications.
  • Tilting main handle: This has been included with an aim of offering you comfort whilst navigating different angles. As such, you will not be able to feel the pressure on your hands as you work on different kinds of wood work projects.
  • Soft grip handle: This ensures maximum comfort whilst using the machine.
  • 15 AMP: The 15 amp motor ensures that the Milwaukee 6390-21 can attain optimum speeds of 5800 rpm. As a result, you can swiftly cut through any kind of wood no matter how dense it might be.
  • Durability: The Milwaukee 6390-21 has been built to last for years.


After being told that there is a circular saw that can withstand anything, I decided to add the Milwaukee 6390-21 to my collection of power tools. I was really curious about its performance and I decided to put it to use the moment it was delivered to my house. To my surprise, the tool has been able to endure all kinds of operation in spite of the fact that at times I purposefully decide to push its performance to the wall.

What captivated me the most whilst using this tool is the amount of power it can generate! I’m a professional carpenter and do receive loads of orders from clients from all walks of life. The most challenging thing in my line of work is delivering on time. Nonetheless, ever since I bought the Milwaukee 6390-21, I have been able to meet my almost all of my deadlines well ahead of time.

Bosch CS5 120-Volt 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

Best Circular Saw Reviews-If you are one of the many enthusiastic homeowners who like taking things into their own hands when it comes to building furnishings such as kitchen cabinets, wood decks, dormers, book cases, coffee tables, and jewelry chest amongst others, then you will find the Bosch CS5 120 volt circular saw an incredible add-on to your many power tools. If the Bosch CS5 saw was a car, it would be an equivalent of a mustang or a Cadillac.

The Bosch CS5 120 volt circular saw is fast becoming the most preferred tool by a majority of professionals across the country due to its first-class performance and the kind of convenience it offers in comparison to other 120 volt saws in the market. In spite of the enormous power generated by the saw, it is quite easy to use thanks to its light weight. What’s more is that, it features a left-blade design which in turn makes it produce a clear line sight. Other features include an anti-snag low guard which enables the user to create cuts without the need of advancing the guard.

Product Specification

What makes the Bosch CS5 120 volt circular saw the best there is in the market? The following are some the features of this cutting-edge 120 volt saw that makes it a cut above the rest:

  • The Bosch CS5 120 volt weighs 10 pounds which makes it quite easy to use even for complex lumber projects.
  • It features a left-blade design which makes the tool produce a clear line of sight.
  • The 15 amp power enables the tool to quickly finish any task at hand.
  • The saw is hard-wearing.
  • It features an anti-snag lower guard.

The tool is also quite affordable as it retails at $100.00 on Amazon.


I decided to buy this tool after my other 120 volt saw started to malfunction. At first, I was a little bit skeptical as I was already used to a different brand and crossing over to a totally different brand was a big issue for me. After being convinced by a dear friend of mine, I placed my order from one of the online stores and within 2 days, the Bosch CS5 120 volt was on doorstep. I did not waste time and decided to put the tool to use so as to put my doubts to rest. Alas! To my surprise, I was not disappointed even one bit with the performance and ease of use of this 120 volt circular saw. For a moment I was I stood there just marveling at the functionality of this tool! It was nothing close to the other tools I’ve had over the years.

I have been using the tool ever since and the kind of power the saw has is just but amazing. What amazed me more is that the blade guard was able to operate slickly without binding. Any adjustments that you require are accomplished using the levers and not nuts as is the case with other brands in the market.